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I don't generally add people on this journal unless we (a) are friends outside of livejournal; (b) have exchanged numerous comments in a community or a mutual friends' journal; and/or (c) have (preferably several) lj friends in common. If you meet any of that critera, feel free to ask.

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Movie List.

A list of all the movies I've watched in the 1001 days. The goal is to watch 50 different movies. Each one can only be counted once and only ten can be ones I've watched before (will be marked with an asterisk*) The movies that count towards the 50 are numbered. Any without numbers don't count (most likely because they're repeats). I have rated each movie with between 1 and 3 plus signs (+) or between 1 and 3 minus signs (-) after the title. For example: [15] Imagine Me & You +++ means that it brings me to 15/50 and that I gave it the maximum number of plus signs and therefore loved it; [23] Lord of the Rings --- means that it brings me to 23/50 and that I gave it a maximum number of minus signs and therefore hated it. Movies with a "+/-" notation means that I was neutral on my feelings toward it.

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Book List.

This is a list of books I have read since April 2007. Since I want to keep the list I've been keeping up to this point in the same place, I am keeping the list as it was, rather than starting over with a new one on January 1, 2008. The books counting toward the mission101 project begin with January 2008 and will end in September 2010. The goal is to read 150 books that aren't for classes; each book can only be read once, but they may be books I've read before the start of the project.

Feel free to suggest books you think I might like based on the books I've marked as once I've enjoyed. I'm always open to suggestions.

- Books I really enjoyed will have plus signs in front of them, between 1 and 3. The more plus signs, the more I enjoyed the book.
- Books that have an (*) after them are ones I've read before.
- I will be numbering books counting toward my goal of 150 before the titles (example: [025] TITLE). Any books without numbers do not count toward my goal (most likely because they have been read before during the 1001 days.)
- Books are separated by month; I put the book under the month I finish it in, rather than the month I started. That is, if I started it on the 28th of one month and finished it on the 2nd of the next, I would put it under the second month.

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